Fr Frank Brennan Homilies and Publications

Fr Frank Brennan SJ is a Catholic priest and human rights lawyer. He has a long history of walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the quest for equality and justice. Fr Frank is an outspoken advocate for the Voice and has provided numerous presentations, articles and interviews advocating for an Indigenous voice to Parliament.

Catalyst For Renewal, April 2023

Fr Frank Brennan shares his views on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and the Executive Government and a forum held at St Patrick’s Church Hill in Sydney.

World Interfaith Harmony Week, February 2023

Fr Frank Brennan joins a number of Faith Leaders to discuss, ecumenically, the need to work together for the Voice.

The Sydney Institute, March 2023

Fr Frank Brennan joins Gerard Henderson and the Sydney Institute members to discuss “A Legal-lite , Watertight Indigenous Voice to Parliament”.

McKinney Lecture On The Voice, December 2022

It is now 15 years since Prime Minster John Howard placed constitutional recognition on the national agenda. For the good of our First Nations peoples, for the good of public administration and for the good of the nation, it is essential that this matter now be brought to a timely successful resolution. 

Norwood Parish, March 2023
St Ignatius Parish (SA) hosted a number of guest presenters over the 2023 Lenten Period. Fr Frank provided his talk “Finding Hope In The Voice Debate” to the congregation.
Blackburn Parish, March 2023

“I delivered the annual Lenten Lecture for St Thomas’ Blackburn and Avenue Uniting Church on the Voice. It was good to have the opportunity in such an ecumenical context to reflect on the historic announcement of the words proposed for insertion in the Constitution by the Indigenous Referendum Working Group and the Labor Cabinet.”

The Conversation, February 2023

Fr Frank Brennan discusses rewording the Voice question with Michelle Gratton in her Politics podcast. 

Spirituality In The Pub, April 2023

Discussing the Voice – Underpinning Reconciliation, or a Divisive Political Football? At the St Andrew’s Hotel in Fitzroy Melbourne.

Aisling Society, April 2023

St Patrick’s Address for the Aisling Society of Sydney on the Voice. 

Why the Voice is an appropriate Measure

Fr Frank Brennan explains why he thinks the Voice will integrate First Australians into the life of the nation.

Catholic Social Services Victoria, March 2023

Read about Catholic Social Services Victoria’s launch of Fr Frank Brennan’s new book, An Indigenous Voice To Parliament.

Eureka Street, December 2022

An insightful article that delves into the intricacies of Indigenous constitutional recognition in Australia.

The Southern Cross, March 2023
Having long called for Bipartisan support for the Voice, Fr Frank Brennan explains why he thinks the wording is critical to the success of the Voice referendum.
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