Activities and Resources

With the Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum approaching, it’s vital for us as Catholics to actively participate and support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters. Our activities and resource centre will assist you in discernment and provide practical tools for meaningful action. Explore curated resources that deepen your understanding of the referendum and empower you to contribute in line with our Catholic principles.

Our faith calls us to bridge divides, uphold justice, and pursue reconciliation. By engaging in discussions, educating ourselves and taking concrete steps, we can discover ways to actively engage in this important referendum.  

Kitchen Table Conversations

Designed by Jesuit Social Services and NATSICC, this guides the conversation about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament and the referendum taking place in the second half of 2023, which will ask the Australian people if they agree there should be a Voice enshrined in the constitution.

A Questions from the Community video featuring NATSICC Chairperson John Lochowiak and Fr Frank Brennan can be viewed prior to the Kitchen Table Conversation, here.

Truth From the Heart

From the heart, a joint initiative of Catholic Mission and Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, is a response to the Uluru Statement’s invitation to walk together into the future. It is a resource to support adult and senior student groups to explore the truth of the shared histories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and the historical and ongoing consequences of these histories, as our nation considers constitutional recognition of First Nations peoples.

Youth Activities

The specific objective is to help youth learn about the Voice to Parliament referendum and its potential impact, as well as other steps that promote and enable reconciliation.

The activities are designed for young people in school, parish and other group settings.


Our Catholic Church in Australia is blessed to be made up of a tapestry of languages and cultures – each bringing with it beauty and uniqueness. The Uluru Dialogue has partnered with SBS Radio to translate the Uluru Statement into many of Australia’s multicultural languages and 20 Aboriginal dialects.

CSTs for the Journey

Catholic Social Teaching principles (CSTs), with an accompanying series of discussion questions and a prayer to spark contemplation, dialogue and action towards the goals of First Nations recognition, truth-telling. equity and reconciliation.

Understanding the Uluru Statement

The Edmund Rice Centre released an informational resource for the wider community to help all Australians understand the importance and the detail of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Voice Prayer

The members of NATSICC came together to develop a prayer to guide our journey to the Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum. We invite all Christians to use the prayer.

Parish Toolkit

These tools have been created to help Catholic communities engage in respectful, meaningful discussions about the upcoming referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament. The toolkit includes a checklist, bulletin notice, PowerPoint documents and social media assets. 

Peter A Comensoli’s Chapter

The Edmund Rice Centre released an informational resource for the wider community to help all Australians understand the importance and the detail of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Understanding Prayer

It is important to respect one another and understand that others may have a differing point of view when discussing the Voice referendum. Along with over 80% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we think that a Voice for First Australians is step forward on a long journey, but we are also attentive to the concerns of some Australians. This prayer helps us to remember to value each other’s opinions.
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